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Digital Marketing Services In Norfolk

I offer a range of digital marketing services in and around Norwich, Norfolk, working with a number of clients in the local area. Experience has shown that there is no one size fits all approach to marketing. It’s so important to offer a range of marketing services that can be tailored to suit individual business needs. I therefore believe it’s important to spend time understanding each and every client to achieve the best results. 

In short, I’ll always give two hours of my marketing services for FREE on a consultancy basis. The aim is to help my clients feel comfortable in their decision. 

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Marketing Planning & Strategy

Your marketing activity requires careful planning based on your core business objectives. Your marketing strategy should always be inline with your customers’ needs and behavior. Plus, not forgetting the need to see a clear return on your investment. I can help determine the best marketing services to achieve results and therefore stay on track.

My marketing planning process is a researched approach to achieving your marketing goals. I break down these processes into manageable steps to determine the what, the who, the how and the when. 

Firstly, we’ll work together to define your business goals and budget. Secondly, I’ll conduct a marketing SWOT analysis (determining strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) for your business and the industry. Including gaining a thorough understanding of your competition. Thirdly, I’ll research and define your target audience and their individual personas to understand your marketplace and customer behaviour.

Finally, I determine and create a plan for the coming weeks or months based on my findings. Then, once executed and activities are in place, I can start to monitor and react to the results. Five easy steps which will help your business now and in the future.

1. Define goals
2. SWOT analysis
3. Define audience
4. Create plan
5. Report & react

Website Management

User experience (UX) is everything when it comes to visitor retention and conversion. Websites should be ever evolving with continued analysis and development. I offer weekly content upload through to complete project management. Which in turn will help your website stay user and design friendly.

Website management is a favourite part of digital marketing for me. I really enjoy working on a website from it’s small beginnings as ideas and concepts. Through to seeing the finalised website live. And finally ready to be searched and found by potential customers.

A website needs to be managed and shouldn’t be left to its own devices. I therefore offer a tailored approach based to ongoing management based on budget and the end result.

Project Management

Do you need a digital marketer to manage your web-designers and oversee the design and build of your website?

  1. Planning, research & scope.
  2. User experience & wireframe.
  3. Time-line management.
  4. Pre-testing, launch & post-testing.

WordPress Websites

Are you looking for a simple website built using wordpress? It’s a platform that’s perfect for small businesses with limited budgets.

  1. Design & development.
  2. SEO & launch.

Content Management

Or for example, do you need someone to look after your website on a monthly basis? Keeping content up to date? Providing reports and reacting to monthly findings?

  1. Content writing.
  2. Content upload.
  3. SEO.
  4. Reporting.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Your website relies on direct and organic traffic so that visitors not only find your website.  But, complete a required action. SEO helps make this happen. It will ensure your website meets search engine criteria. There’s lots to consider. I can help your website receive that all important ‘click’ by appearing organically.

SEO isn’t straight forward and relies on many factors. This includes. content which is a major part. However, website build, speed, relevancy and your online marketing activity also plays a large part in its success. That’s why it’s a good idea to use an SEO specialist..

SEO Audit

SEO is a competitive process depending on your business type. I’ll take an in-depth look at your website. Give feedback on what technical elements need addressing. As well as how I can aid with research and content optimisation.

Keyword Research

I can help pinpoint the search terms your business needs to be rank on search engines. Looking closely at your competitors, the location and the search volume. Hence providing the foundation to work from for SEO success.

Content Optimisation

Once your keywords have been identified, I’ll create optimised content. This will incorporate search terms and phrases into your website copy. It’s important to focus on your core pages and new content. Plus, identify trending industry topics which are relevant and timely. 

Social Media

Let me help you provide timely updates and captivating visuals so your followers learn about your business as it happens. Choose post creation and scheduling or add-on services for design, audience engagement and reporting. Best results come from not only your content but also from how you interact with your audience. However, most importantly how you learn from them. 

Please take a look at my own social media pages for more insight – Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, or ask for client examples.

Social media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy. It will help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boosts your leads and sales. It’s definitely no passing trend. In fact, 50% of people around the world use social media on a regular basis.

Social Media Strategy
Text Content Creation
Visual Content Creation
Scheduling & In
Engagement & Insights

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns can target an already captive audience. My services provide another channel of communication to existing customers as well as the opportunity to target new sign ups.

Email marketing campaigns  which are well thought-out, planned and implemented, is are a perfect communication tool. Plus a perfect addition to your monthly marketing activities.

I’ll send your existing customer-base regular updates to keep at the forefront of their minds. Focusing on promotions, company news and your company expertise. It is guaranteed to build credibility and increase brand recognition. For instance, I’ll use your data to target your audience with what will be of interest based on their previous behavior. Then, track campaign success through website and email marketing analytics.

Email Templates

Using email marketing platform Mailchimp, I can set up from scratch or manage an existing account. Designing templates utilising brand visuals and brand tone of voice to target existing customers and new sign ups.

Email Campaigns

Inline with your marketing plans, I’ll set up a structured and consistent email marketing campaign. By utilising created templates for your core marketing messages we can ensure brand consistency. Plus by sending to segmented data lists at scheduled times in the day I’ll target your most receptive audience.

Track & Monitor ROI

Email marketing campaigns should never be left. They should be monitored and reacted to accordingly. I can provide regular reporting including my recommendations and strategy moving forwards. This ensures activity remains in line with set marketing goals. But also ensures testing and improvements will increase value performance.


Did you know, it takes the average web visitor about eight seconds to decide whether or not they continue to engage with your website? That’s why it’s so important that you understand what will capture your audience quickly and effectively.

Content marketing and copywriting incorporate your brand voice to target specific audience groups. The right copy will help keep them informed and play a large part in their decision-making process. From product descriptions and website content, through to blog writing and advertorial copy; content writing is a passion of mine. All of the marketing services I offer include copywriting in different forms where keywords and messaging align. Copywriting should ultimately give your audience the confidence and validation to purchase or use your services. 

Content Writing

Good content writing is more than just the written word on a page. It helps a website be found through search engines. It captures the attention of your audience. Builds trust and confidence. Plus maintains their interest and helps increase conversion rates. 

  1. Blog copy.
  2. Social media copy.
  3. Website copy.
  4. Product descriptions.
  5. Advertorial copy.

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