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Why Set-up A Google Business Page?

Why set up a Google Business Page

Simply put... A Google Business Page Is Awesome

Google obviously supplies lots of tools to help your business, but this is definitely one of the best. If you have a Google Business Page and you use it to your full advantage you’ll understand why. If you don’t, then read on for why I think it’s such a great marketing tool.

Firstly, It’s FREE!

No sign up fees and no expensive additions to enhance the service. Regardless of this though, I have spoken to many businesses who either haven’t heard of the option. Or simply haven’t seen how much it can benefit their business.

What Are The Other Benefits Of A Google Business Page?

1. As with any Google marketing product, it will help you be found amongst your competition. It provides a guaranteed presence for local search and provides a valuable optimisation source for your own website.

2. Provides a great local business presence. For example, it’s particularly useful for those ‘near-by’ searches that we all conduct on our smart phones when searching for a local watering hole or when the old belly rumbles and you want to find your closest golden arches.

3. It provides an easy to find resource for contact details, opening times, location etc. But also specific information on services available. All which help gain footfall and website visits.

4. It helps gain validation and trust in your business. Nowadays, reviews play a massive part in our decision making process. I personally always look at Google Reviews and won’t even consider the business unless it’s a 4 or 5 star recommendation. 

5. You can add posts to highlight latest news, events and products. Or to showcase a recent blog post you feel will be of extra interest. Therefore another avenue to drive traffic to your website

6. Google Business also gives you access to some amazing analytics through its insights. 

Are You Not Convinced Yet? Here Are Some Interesting Facts…

Google Business Page Fact
Google Business Page on smartphones

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